İleri düzey İngilizce öğrenenlerin gramer, kelime, deyim, phrasal verb, reading gibi konularla ilgili merak ettiklerini sorabilecekleri bölüm...
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Postby yapay-zeka » Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:28 pm

Phrasal nouns are compound nouns formed from verbs and a particle( a preposition or adverb)

eg. break-up, setback, outcry, onset

NB: When phrasal nouns begin with a particle, they have no hyphen eg. downpour, input, outlook

When phrasal nouns start with a verb, they may or may not have a hyphen eg. kick-off, breakdown, get-together

– Not all phrasal verbs can be made into phrasal nouns!

– Not all phrasal nouns can be made into phrasal verbs!

– Some phrasal nouns are made up of the same words as a phrasal verb but reverse the order of the verb and the particle

eg. set on —> onset; cry out —> outcry

– Some phrasal nouns are countable and are made plural by adding ‘s’ to the end of the word

eg. break-ups, outcries, setbacks

– Some phrasal nouns are made up of the same words as phrasal verbs but have different meanings

eg. intake = enrolment ; take in = understand and remember

outcry = protest ; cry out = shout

onset = start ; set on = attack

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