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Impersonal report structures are commonly found in reports and newspapers when we want to distance ourselves from information which is not necessarily our opinion.

Reporting with The Passive:

– it + passive + that-clause

eg. It is believed that an assassination attempt was made on the president.

Other verbs used with this structure are: accept, agree, allege, claim, consider,

expect, feel, know, predict, say, suggest, think, understand.

– subject + passive + infinitive with to

eg. Knife crime is said to be on the increase in the western suburbs.

Other verbs used with this structure are: believe, consider, find, know, think.

– there + passive + infinitive with to

eg. There is expected to be more unrest in the city centre following the president’s decision.

Other verbs used with this structure are: allege, believe, claim, estimate, find, rumour, say, think.

Reporting with ‘seem’ and ‘appear’

– ‘seem’ and ‘appear’ are not used in the passive.

– we can use a that-clause after It seems/It appears.

– we can use an infinitive with to after seem/appear.

eg. It seems that nobody witnessed the crime.

People appear to be dissatisfied with the support they have received from the government.

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