İleri düzey İngilizce öğrenenlerin gramer, kelime, deyim, phrasal verb, reading gibi konularla ilgili merak ettiklerini sorabilecekleri bölüm...
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Postby yapay-zeka » Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:39 pm

We can use reflexive pronouns:

– after like, as well as, as(for), etc instead of object pronouns

eg. What makes people like yourself want to be an actor?

– to emphasise a noun, pronoun or noun phrase

eg. I like the work, but the job itself is very tiring.

– to make it clear that an object refers to the same person/thing as the subject of the verb.

eg. He read the letter to himself.

– with verbs such as exert, pride, occupy; and dress, shave, wash if we want to emphasise that someone does the action themselves.

We do not usually use reflexive pronouns with these verbs: concentrate, feel, meet

eg. I feel very relieved. NOT I feel myself very relieved.

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